Client Success Stories


“We love our relationship with TMM. Target Marketing’s services have helped us to blossom from a single unit franchise to a four location operation. They have supported our efforts in reaching new markets.”

Lee Prior, Domino’s Pizza


Before using our Shared Mail Program, one client focused on newsletter mailings to its current customer base, ads in a few industry-related publications, and sporadic newspaper/radio advertising in its local market. After just one Shared Mailing, the client found the program worked far better, reaching both established and new customers in their market. The client further leveraged the program by referencing the newsletter on their Shared Mail piece, resulting in a substantial increase in newsletter requests.


A multi-location auto service dealer contacted us about developing a quarterly mailing for all locations in Maine. Success came immediately prompting the chain to increase its mailing frequency from once per quarter to once per month. The results? One location had 83 coupons redeemed which resulted in 31 new customers. On average, each location had at least 40 coupons redeemed at the time of the initial mailing.


A southern Maine pizza store participated in the Shared Mail program for the first time during a slow period in early December. After the mailing dropped, the location set record sales for one weekend. As compared to other marketing in their arsenal, shared mail by far provided them the best response. And their comment cards repeatedly said that customers wanted to see coupons on a regular basis.


A fitness center used Shared Mail to send out a special offer during the fall. They had 80 folks join under the coupon special and 23 converted to regular membership at the end of the promotion. Additionally, the client found it was easier to track customer numbers with the coupon versus previous advertising.


After adding frequent Shared Mailings to its typical marketing plan, a fuel company (sales, service, equipment) saw a 26% increase in equipment sales over the course of one year.


A small market/restaurant used Shared Mail in addition to social media marketing to announce its grand opening and offer a special to encourage locals to visit. The response was huge—and feedback from customers revealed they found out about the event 50/50 from Shared Mail and social advertising.


“We had great feedback from new and existing customers from our latest mailing. TMM was easy to work with and kept us on track.”

Broo Temple, former owner of Clean Bee Laundry



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