Successful Holiday Marketing Starts Now!

As a small business owner you know how important the holiday season is to your bottom line. If you haven’t taken the time to put a strong holiday marketing plan in place it’s not too late! Take some time now to think about how you can make the most of the next few months. Reduce your stress level by following the steps below and use our free 2014 Holiday Marketing Planner to create the perfect plan to ensure that you don’t miss out on any holiday marketing opportunities.
• Start by looking at what worked for you last year.
• Look ahead at special dates and holidays for the current year including the dates for any special holiday events in your town.
• Set dates for your own sales or special events.
• Determine what channels will be the best mix for your holiday marketing. Shared mail, newspaper, TV? How about email and social media?
Consult with your TMM sales representative to schedule dates for shared mail advertising, email marketing, social media, and more. Contact us early in the process as we may have ideas to help with your planning!
• Write down any advertising dates & deadlines on your planner.
• Meet with your staff to brainstorm creative designs for your marketing and decorating ideas for your storefront. Write your best ideas on the planner so they are handy.
• Create to-do lists in advance for ordering supplies, inventory, decorations and coordinating with any outside vendors.

Want to be ahead of the game for 2015? As you go through the 2014 season, be sure to track the results of all of your marketing tactics and special events. Create a summary or re-cap of the results on your planner. What worked and what didn’t? Why? What problems did you run into that you would like to avoid next year? Keep a copy of your 2014 planner and your re-cap in a folder that will be handy to help you when it is once again time to start planning for a successful holiday season.

For more holiday marketing tips and to download our free 2014 Holiday Marketing Planner, click here.