Marketing Planner: November

Marketing Planner:  November

There is something about November.  Hot drinks and chilly weather, a strong focus on family and friends, and an easing into holiday mode.  If you haven’t already, now is the time to start planning for how best to feature your products and services for a successful November.


Hot Topics for November


  • End of Fall Harvest
  • Family Time
  • Holidays


What Should You Do?

Be Creative

Make the most of holiday cheer!  Pay attention to what your customers are focused on in November.  Be sure all your marketing messages match the season and the mood.  Be creative by celebrating unique observances such as those found on the National Day Calendar website.

Be Ready for the Holidays

By November your holiday marketing plan is in place and you are ready to execute!  Your business should be decorated with holiday themes and colors.  Consider printing posters and other signage to support your themes or events.

Take advantage of any extra time you have in early November to send holiday greeting cards and prepare a holiday newsletter to your customer email list. Be sure to provide details on your holiday events, special sales, and for any holiday events in your area.

Use your social media channels to post fun and helpful information for your audience in

addition to announcing your holiday plans.

Does your town celebrate the season with a tree lighting, parade, or special shopping event? Get in on the action! Stay open during the event and offer refreshments and a place to come in from the cold. Be sure to decorate your store and adjust your hours and staffing accordingly.  Consider a special sale just for the occasion.

 A bit of planning and marketing savvy now will bring big rewards in November and beyond.  Spend some time thinking about innovative new ways to market your business this holiday season and set yourself up for a fantastic end of year.


Are you ready to get start planning for a successful November marketing campaign?  Contact us today!

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