Marketing Planner: December

Marketing in December might seem like a no brainer.  Some may feel they have done all they can and take the sit back and watch approach, others take advantage of the obvious holidays and market themselves accordingly.  The reality is you must plan for a successful December just like any other month of the year – and maybe a little extra effort is called for.  End the year strong and set yourself up for success heading into the new year with these marketing ideas.

Fun Days in December

  • Santa’s List Day (4th)
  • Ice Cream Day (13th)
  • Chocolate Covered Anything Day (16th)
  • Festivus (23rd)
  • Fruitcake Day (27th)


What Should You Do?

Be Creative

You don’t really need a calendar to tell you there is a lot to celebrate in December (but we are giving you one anyway).  Pay attention to the holidays, events, and other special occasions that mean the most to your core customers.  Be sure all your marketing messages match the season and the mood.  Be creative by celebrating unique observances such as those found at

Crush the Holidays

Your storefront or office should be decorated with holiday themes and colors.  It is ok to be unconventional and go beyond the obvious Christmas theme to surprise and delight your customers.  Also consider printing posters and other signage to support your themes or special events.  Always use your social media channels to post fun and helpful information for your audience in addition to reminding them of your holiday plans.

Post a list of ideas (online and in-store) to make shopping with you easy for the last-minute shopper. Remind them that Gift Cards are a perfect fit for anyone on their list!

Think ahead! Take advantage of the heavy traffic and good cheer in December to set yourself up for the slower months of January & February. Offer your customers a discount for themselves that can be used when they return in 2019.

Wrap It Up!

Be sure to thank your staff as they put in extra hours and extra effort to help you succeed with holiday marketing.  You should also take the time to help prepare yourself for the next holiday season by tracking the results of your marketing and special events.  Create a summary or re-cap of the results.  What worked and what didn’t?  Why?  What problems did you run into that you would like to address for the future?   Make notes and be sure to review before you start your planning for the 2019 holiday season.


A bit of planning and marketing savvy now will bring big rewards in December and beyond.  Spend some time thinking about innovative new ways to market your business this holiday season and set yourself up for a fantastic end of year.


Are you ready to get start planning for a successful December marketing campaign?  Contact us today!

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