How to Promote Your Business in February

In just a few weeks the holiday rush and year end excitement will be over and 2020 will be here.  The hectic pace of the holidays may leave you tempted to plan on hibernating until spring, but as a small business owner you know that is not an option.  Now is the time to take a break from the holiday rush and start planning for February.  The temperature outside will be quite cold, but the month of February is all about warmth.  Valentine’s Day, American Hearth Month, and Random Acts of Kindness Week are just a few observances that encourage sharing and warm thoughts for everyone. 

February Cabin Fever Reliever

Winter has the northeast in its ice grips and many consumers feel the need for a little self TLC to melt away the winter blues.  Tax refunds start to come in for some and vacation planning (or stay-cation planning) is big on everyone’s mind.  Keep this in mind when creating content and sales plans for February.  Here are a few topics that are high on consumers mind this month:

  • The Superbowl
  • Shopping
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Cabin Fever Relief

The new year is just getting started and there is a lot to celebrate.  Pay attention to the holidays, events, and other special occasions that mean the most to your core customers.  There is quite literally a holiday or celebration for everyone!  Check out websites such as: or for lists and ideas to inspire your seasonal marketing efforts.   Use the fun holidays listed below or found on these websites to liven up your retail space, website, and social media posts with pictures, helpful information and contests.

  • Ground Hog Day (2nd)
  • Thank a Mailman Day (4th)
  • National Pizza Day (9th)
  • Leap Day (29th)

What Else Can You Do?

Tie in with the Super Bowl hype.

Super Bowl Sunday is February 2nd. Over the years it has become a theme as much as an event.  Your business can take advantage of the hype by offering specials/promotions relating to the event itself, or by specifically attracting people who do not plan to watch the game.  Consider giving away super bowl party supplies in advance (be sure they feature your logo and website) or create contests and games with a Super Bowl theme and a prize relating to your business.

Sale Away

Cabin Fever has officially set in for most people by February.  They are in need of a special treat or a get-away to brighten their spirits.  February is also one of those months where consumers expect a sale and are looking for deals on everything from cars to mattresses.  Winter blowout sales and President’s Day events will help you clear space for spring items and encourage consumers to spend the extra cash they have saved since the beginning of the year or from early tax refunds.  To stand out from the crowd, be unique with your offers or the items you choose to promote. 

Have a heart

Show your customers you care during the month of February.  Send thank you emails to those on your customer list and include special offers or gifts on their next visit.  Participate in Random Acts of Kindness Day (17) and encourage your customers to do the same and post pictures and stories on your social media channels.  Visit the American Heart Association website for ideas on how to use American Heart Month in your content and share heart healthy information with your followers.  Create special offers and gift suggestions for Valentine’s Day.     

A little planning and marketing savvy now can bring big rewards in February. Are you ready to get started on a successful marketing campaign?  Contact us today!

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