Home Furnishing Retailers Improve Profits with Shared Mail

Our Shared Mail program has proven successful for many Maine businesses.  ”That’s great” you say, “but what about my business?  What can your shared mail program do to help me improve the bottom line of my home furnishings store?”  I am glad you asked that question!  Here are just a few of the ways Shared Mail can work for your furniture, appliance, or mattress store. 

Shared Mail allows you the opportunity to put your advertising piece right in your prospect or customers hand.

Furniture, appliances, and mattresses are not everyday needs and are typically not impulse buys.  Because of this you must find ways to keep your store and your brand top of mind with your customers while simultaneously reaching more prospects with your message.  Almost every household in your marketing area will consider a large household purchase at some point in time and will likely ask friends and family for recommendations before spending time comparison shopping for the best brands, pricing, and services.  It makes sense to connect with all of these prospects, with recurring frequency, and remind them of your store, the brands you carry, and what makes you the best choice to fill their needs.  

According to the Census Bureau, furniture spending peaks in August, November and December. You should consider supplementing your advertising program during these periods, as well as any other times that have proven to be strong for your store.  Successful furniture, appliance & mattress stores are using shared mail to build traffic and create top of mind awareness.  Consider a combination of postcards, single sheets, and multi-page flyers designed to:

  • Reinforce your brand and key message (high quality at a low price, large inventory, specialty product lines and more)
  • Highlight your top brands and key price points (be sure to make use of any co-op dollars you have available to help improve your ROI)
  • Showcase high quality photographs of your products in a way that allows recipients to picture the products in their home and encourages them to come and see the quality for themselves.
  • Offer specials (holiday sales events, BOGO offers, close-outs, scratch & dent, promotional giveaways, and limited time coupons) to encourage visitors who have been hesitating to make the purchase and provide an immediate boost to your revenue
  • Promote additional services you provide (price matching, free delivery, free assembly, pick-up & removal of old furniture or appliances, etc)
  • Feature information about what makes your store unique (lounge area for children, lay-a-way or financing options)
  • Remind everyone of your location, hours, and contact information

Shared Mail works because it is a preferred method for receiving marketing from local businesses.

It offers a sense of familiarity that is hard to achieve with other advertising mediums as consumers look in their mailboxes daily for compelling messages to help them make smart buying decisions.

  • 41% of furniture shoppers said an ad/coupon in their mailbox led them to take action in the last 30 days, 70% over the last year
  • 30% read and keep the mail pieces that interest others in their home
  • 42% of consumers make one or more weekly purchases from the Shared Mail Package
  • 44% of customers visit a brands website after receiving direct mail advertising.
  • 39% of customers say they try a business for the first time because of direct mail advertising

The fact is that shared mail works, and furniture stores are benefiting from its positive results.

If you are interested in learning more about how TMM’s Shared Mail program can help your home furnishings or appliance store grow, contact us today.

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