Don’t Let Your Fuel and Heating Service Business Cool Down this Summer!


The average family is not thinking about fall at this moment or worried about how they will heat their homes next fall, but they will be soon.  You must find ways to keep your business top of mind with your customers during this slow season while simultaneously reaching more prospects with your message.

Our Shared Mail program provides positive results for a variety of businesses including those in the business of fuel and heating services.  In fact, we helped one full service fuel company realize a 26% increase in equipment sales over the course of a year by successfully adding shared mailings to their usual marketing plan.



Shared Mail allows you the opportunity to put your advertising piece right in your prospect or customers hand.

Every household in your market area has need for fuel and heating services.  It has become common practice for these households to research pricing and plan options and ask friends or family for recommendations before making a decision on what fuel source, equipment and company to work with.  It makes sense for you to connect with all of these prospects, with recurring frequency, and remind them of your business, the fuel sources and/or equipment you carry, and what makes you the best choice to fill their routine and emergency service needs.

Successful fuel and heating services providers are using shared mail to build traffic and create top of mind awareness.  Use a combination of postcards, single sheets, and multi-page flyers to:

  • Provide details on your pricing plans and delivery or service programs
  • Remind everyone of your superior repair & maintenance services
  • Promote your ability to handle emergency service needs
  • Showcase your products (wood or pellet stoves, furnaces, etc)
  • Share testimonials from satisfied customers
  • Highlight special events, accolades, and community involvement of your company
  • Create an informational brochure that can double as a leave behind for customers
  • Include useful information on your mail piece or leave behind to increase the shelf-life and keep your business top of mind (think calendars, local sports schedules, tide charts etc.)

Shared Mail works because it is a preferred method for receiving marketing from local businesses.

It offers a sense of familiarity that is hard to achieve with other advertising mediums. Consumers look in their mailboxes every day for compelling messages to help them make smart buying decisions.

  • 72% of respondents in one survey read and keep the mail pieces that interest them
  • 30% read and keep the mail pieces that interest others in their home
  • 42% of consumers make one or more weekly purchases from the Shared Mail Package
  • 44% of customers visit a brands website after receiving direct mail advertising.
  • 39% of customers say they try a business for the first time because of direct mail advertising


Let our shared mail experts help you to create a visually attractive mail piece, assist you in crafting a compelling offer, and attract more leads for your business.

If you are interested in learning more about how TMM’s Shared Mail program can help your fuel and heating business grow, contact us today.

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