Direct Mail Has Staying Power

It’s late afternoon and certain small members of your family are already bugging you about what’s for dinner.  You have no interest in cooking after a hectic day at work.  As you look at the refrigerator for inspiration your eyes fall upon a menu from the new restaurant in town.  The menu arrived in the mail several weeks ago and had been placed on the fridge for thus such an occasion.  The picture on the front is enticing, and the introductory coupon seals the deal.  Dinner solved!

Like the food in your refrigerator, advertising has a shelf life.  You have only seconds to grab your audience’s attention and provide them a strong reason to visit and remember you.  Then what?  Wouldn’t it be nice if your advertising stuck around for awhile and continued to do its job?  If you are using Direct Mail, it can.

72% of respondents in one survey read and keep the mail pieces that interest them.  Other surveys suggested that, depending on the format, many direct mail recipients keep print materials from a few days to a month, or longer.  Mail pieces that are attractive, useful, and include valuable offers may be displayed in highly visible locations such as the refrigerator or a bulletin board.  In addition to keeping mail that has value for themselves, many recipients share mail pieces that they feel have value to others in their circle of family and friends. This provides an excellent opportunity for your business to engage with prospects on multiple occasions, over an extended period of time

How do you increase the shelf life of your next mailer?  Depending on your business, try one of these ideas:

  • Create an offer that must be used in the future
  • Share your current menu
  • Provide a calendar of upcoming events
  • Print sports schedules on the back (local or national teams)
  • List important phone numbers or websites for the local area
  • Include striking images that may be posted as a decoration

The key is to know your target audience and share with them offers and information that will be useful based on their habits, hobbies, or geographical location.

The offer and design are just a couple of the components that work together to make direct mail a success.  Falling short in any of the components could lead a less than stellar performance.  The knowledgeable sales and creative teams at TMM have the marketing and direct mail expertise to help you design a successful and profitable mailing campaign. 


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