Cash in with Last Minute Holiday Shoppers

It is as inevitable as ugly sweaters and fruitcake. There WILL be last minute shoppers running around right up until closing on December 24th. Whether due to weather, work schedules, or good ole procrastination it is estimated that 15% of all holiday shoppers wait until the very last minute to finish off their gift lists.  A recent study also learned that at least 77% of holiday shoppers actually plan on some last-minute shopping in 2018 (up 15% from 2017).  In fact, 9 out of 10 top sending days occur in the month of December! That is a lot of shopping still left to be done!  The smaller brick & mortar retailers should rejoice and embrace this rush of last minute holiday traffic. Late shoppers have money to spend and are looking for help in doing so. Why not be the answer to their problems and increase your bottom line at the same time?

Prepare your business for success by putting some thought into what last minute shoppers will be looking for. What will they expect? What will they need? What can you do to meet or exceed those expectations and encourage more spending? Cater to the last-minute shopper by making your store inviting, fun, & festive.

11 Tips to Attract Last-Minute Shoppers

  1. Extend your hours to accommodate late shoppers
  2. Hold a themed event or offer refreshments
  3. Consider adding staff tasked with providing shopping assistance & ideas
  4. Use decorations and signage outside of your store to create an invitation for harried shoppers to stop by and get help with their gift buying needs.
  5. Place stocking stuffers and other smaller impulse gifts near the check-out
  6. Offer gift wrapping
  7. Promote gift cards as an easy & convenient option for any recipient (they are also on the most wanted gift list of many age groups)
  8. Provide gift ideas grouped by age, gender, & interests
  9. Display your gift ideas together in one location
  10. Consider creating your display with only a few of each item visible and then wrapping the rest for easy “grab & go” shopping
  11. Be a resource of helpful information (Where is the best parking? Where is a good place for dinner? What are the USPS holiday shipping deadlines?)

Be sure to update your website with all the pertinent details.  Use key words like “best gifts”, “gift ideas”, “unique gifts” to attract those searching online.  Use your social media accounts to post updates, ideas, holiday hours, event details and other helpful information to encourage shoppers to visit your store throughout the holiday season.

Don’t Stop Now

It might be tempting to close your doors on Christmas Eve and settle down for a long winters nap, but that would be a mistake! 5% or more of holiday spending occurs after December 25th. Continue your holiday marketing plans through New Year’s Day as a new crowd of shoppers heads out during their holiday break to handle returns, spend gift cards, and look for bargains. Parlay this holiday traffic into repeat business for 2019 by providing information on any sales or events planned for early in the year. Ask for email addresses at register and consider a special January/February discount for holiday shoppers who return in the New Year.

So, rejoice the harried, last minute shoppers and use the goodwill you generate to chart a course for success in the New Year!

TMM is ready to help your business grow this holiday season and into the New Year. Contact us today!


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