August Marketing Ideas

Summer is just getting started which means that it will be August before you know it! The hustle and bustle of the early summer holidays will begin to ease into the dog days of summer. Consumers will be firmly in summer mode, enjoying time with family, a little R & R, and planning for the end of summer. Now is the time to start planning for how best to feature your products, services and business for summer’s last hurrah.

Hot Topics for August

  • Dog Days of Summer
  • Busy Tourist Season
  • Family Fun Month
  • Back to School

What Can You Do?
Be Creative
Have some fun with marketing that focuses on what your customers are thinking about this time of year. Be sure all of your messages match the season with warm and vibrant colors and themes tie in with the heat of summer.

Sometimes the tie-in for your business will be easy. Bookstore? Celebrate National Book Day. Spa? Celebrate Relaxation Day. Pet Store? National Dog or Cat Day. For other business you will need to flex your creative muscles. Any business can celebrate Ice Cream Sandwich Day (8/3), Watermelon Day (8/3), or Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (8/4) just by sharing a treat with their customers.

There is quite literally a holiday or celebration for everyone! Check out websites such as: or for lists and ideas to inspire your seasonal marketing efforts. Use these fun holidays to liven up your retail space, website, and social media posts with pictures, helpful information and contests.

Dog Days of Summer (late July – early August)
Ok, technically the dog days of summer don’t really relate to our furry canine companions, but so what? Dogs are an important and fun part of our lives. Using this theme in any plans for August is a must. Consider a fun dog related photo contest, have special treats for customers who bring their dog into the shop. Place a full bowl of fresh water outside of your shop for those walking by, or simply use adorable dog images and appropriate phrasing for your coupons and special offers.

Keep Summer Momentum
August typically signifies that summer is nearing its end. Keep that summer vibe flowing by continuing your summer contests and giveaways. Encourage your customers to join in on endless summer with photo contests, prizes or random drawing giveaways for items such as cheap sunglasses, water bottles, beach balls, towels, sunscreen, etc. (plan ahead and order inexpensive summer merchandise imprinted with your logo and important information). Be active in your city or town and participate in local art walks, summer festivals, and other events in your area and look for opportunities to sponsor or tie in your promotions. Keep your summer hours going right through until early September and be sure you are open and available during the events mentioned above.

Back to School
I know you don’t want to hear this BUT August is also the time of year when we start thinking about the dreaded BACK TO SCHOOL. Yes, you read that right, Back to School. It may seem like summer vacation has just begun, but in the spirit of planning ahead, you must sharpen your pencil, put on your thinking cap and create a solid plan for Back to School marketing! If your products or services peak in the fall or are directly related to “back to school”, now is the time to prepare for success. The silver lining is that you now have the opportunity to be in front of your prospects and customers early, planting seeds for when they are ready to start making their back to school and fall purchases. More helpful tips on preparing for a successful back to school season can be found in another of our helpful blog posts “Sharpen Your Pencils; it’s Time to Plan for Back to School!”.

Taking the time to put a plan in place for August will bring you big rewards as summer ends. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

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