April 2019 Marketing Planner

Snow or no snow, if it’s April, it’s finally spring! You can feel it in the chilly air and smell it on the breeze. Take advantage of the sunny weather and end-of-winter cheerfulness of your customers and focus on marketing efforts that encourage them to make the most of the season.

Hot Topics for April

Spring may technically begin in March, but April is when the magic happens. Consumers are truly ready to clean up and get outside to enjoy the fresh air. Here are four topics that are high on consumers mind in April:

  • Tax Day
  • Easter
  • Baseball

What Can You Do?

Be Vibrant
After a dreary winter, your customers are likely ready to see some bright, warm colors that will put them in a happier mood. You can use this to your advantage by posting social media statuses or pictures featuring brightly colored flowers or scenery. Also keep in mind the holidays in spring and early summer and be sure to target your audience appropriately. Promotional ideas are also incredibly useful during spring and summer holidays. While 50% Off anything in the store is a definite attention grabber, seasonal offers also resonate. Consider a “rainy day discount” to attract customers looking for something to do when April showers arrive.

Clean House
Much like the sun melting away the snow and bringing up the new flowers, people are cleaning out their homes getting ready for new items. You should do the same for your business. Spring clean your online presence by making sure your information is up-to-date, links are operational, photos and artwork are current and seasonal, and that there is consistency between the different platforms and services.

Spring clean the inside your business by getting rid of all the products (or services) that haven’t been as profitable as you’d like. Create an insanely irresistible offer to free yourself of excess inventory. Add some pizzazz and pops of color to spruce up the curb appeal of your business. The more attractive it looks from the outside, the more likely customers will want to check out what’s inside. Do you operate a storefront? Consider writing a promotional message in chalk on the walkway in front of your building. Or use chalk to depict colorful spring and summer scenes (featuring your products and business logo, of course) on the sidewalk.

April is the beginning of home improvement season and National Car Care month! Consider these topics as you plan for unique sales ideas, product focus, or decorating themes in your retail space.

Give Back
Consider a partnership with a “green” charity to give back to the community. Collect funds, designate a portion of your sales to benefit the organization, sponsor planting of new trees, etc. Have your staff participate in a community spring clean event (local ball fields, community gardens, etc). There are all kinds of environmentally-friendly causes that make it easy for you to help, and you’ll benefit from the good will and recognition.

Play Ball!
Create a themed event that ties into spring sports in your area, offer discounts to local players and their families, offer related themed discounts to all customers. Make it an annual event and help generate spring buzz moving into the future. Sponsor a local sports team to prominently display your business name at the events or on team uniforms. Attend the events and participate in the community camaraderie.

Now is the time to start planning ahead for April. Contact us today and let us help you jump in to a successful Spring!

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