A Successful 2019 Starts Here

We’ve all made (and often ignored or broken) New Year’s resolutions for our personal growth.  Have you thought about making them for your business?  Resolutions are a time tested and proven way to set the course for a successful year.  Statistics show that when you declare a resolution, you are ten times more likely to reach the goals you have set.  This is true for your personal growth, and for that of your business.

It is no coincidence that synonyms for the word resolution include:  decision, intention, plan, and commitment.  Declaring a resolution may seem easy, but to ensure success, there is work involved.  The calendar may be turning soon, but it’s not too late to get started.

Here are some tips for setting New Year’s Resolutions for your business.

Be Ready

Remember, resolutions are a choice that you make and ensuring success starts with your mindset.  Set goals that you truly want to meet or exceed.  Be mentally prepared for the work and challenges ahead.

Set Specific Goals

Goals that are vague are more difficult to plan, measure, and achieve.  Set clearly defined goals based on what you want to accomplish for your business.

Conduct a Year End Review

How did you do in 2018?  Where were you successful and where did you fall short?  Use your statistics from 2018 as benchmarks for what you want to improve in the New Year.  These benchmarks will help you keep your goals realistic and attainable.

Plan Your Work

Outline all of the steps that will be necessary to reach each of your stated goals.  Each step should include details such as frequency, time frame, deadlines, and clear measurements to help track your success.  Be sure to include your employees in this plan.  Delegating, empowering, and including employees in your goals will help them to grow and become more invested in your success.

Work Your Plan

It has been said that it takes up to 66 days to make a new personal habit and working towards a business resolution is no different.  Resolutions are hard work.  There will be times where your motivation wanes, you backslide into old habits and you are ready to give up.  Don’t!  Review your plan, learn a lesson, find your motivation and get right back to it.  Persistence pays off.

Celebrate. Adjust. Repeat.

Be sure to track results and acknowledge the milestones along the way.  Once you are successful in accomplishing your stated goals, celebrate, but don’t stop!  Continued success will depend on how well you follow through with your new habits, hard work, and dedication.  Need new motivation to keep going?  Declare new resolutions! Who says you must wait for January 1st to set new resolutions for success?

2019 is almost here and it’s up to you to make it the best year ever for your business.  Setting goals (or resolutions) allows you to develop strong plans for the coming year and provide you with the focus and determination you need to increase your business success.


It’s a New Year!  If your resolution is to increase business in 2019, we can help.  Contact us today to find out how.

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