9 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Non-Retail Business


It seems that every marketing blog you come across this time of year is geared towards the holiday season for retailers.  But retailers aren’t the only ones who can get in on the holiday season! Smart holiday marketing can boost end of year sales for non-retail businesses too.  Here are 9 ideas to get you in the holiday spirit.

Get in the spirit

  1. Decorate your business (both your physical location and your website and social media pages) with a fun and attention grabbing holiday theme.
  2. Participate in, or sponsor local holiday events in your home town.
  3. Hold your own event.  Invite B2B customers to a thank-you dinner or prospects to a getting to know you” party.  Stand out by holding your holiday party before Thanksgiving, or after the New Year.  Have Santa come to your business to meet with children and pose for photo’s (include pets in the opportunity to increase interest).
  4. Have a holiday sale! If retail can fill this season with discounts, so can you.  Be unique in your timing or with your offers to stand out.  Offer a holiday discount to encourage hesitant prospects to take the plunge. Explain that they won’t get this offer at any other time of year, so it’s important for them to act now.
  5. Give sales reps something to work towards. Whether it’s getting out early on Christmas Eve or making a donation to a favored charity on their behalf, give your sales reps something to aspire to and a reason to keep the focus during this busy and distracting season.  It takes a little extra hard work to keep sales performance up around the holidays, so it’s important to reward this effort.
  6. Give back. The holidays are the perfect time of year to say “Thank You” to customers by sending out a small gift or special offer that can be redeemed after the holiday season is over. It is also the perfect time of year to make a donation or volunteer with a local charity.  Be sure to encourage your customers and staff to get involved too.

Stay top of mind

  1. Mail holiday greeting to both past and present customers.
  2. Use email and your social media accounts to send out helpful seasonal tips and reminders including information on local holiday events.
  3. Advertise! If you want more business you must continue to advertise, even during your off season.

The tips above should help you to stay top of mind and keep in touch with your customers during the busy holiday season.  If this is a typically slow time of year for your business, take advantage of the extra time to finalize your marketing plans for the New Year.  Setting your goals and outlining the tasks you must complete to accomplish them will help to set you up for success in 2018.


Contact a TMM sales representative to find out how our direct mail programs can help you to increase sales this holiday season and in the New Year.  Contact us early in your planning process as we may have ideas to help you find success.

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