4 Ways to Use a QR Code Right Now

QR Code

Type in the term QR Code into any search engine and you will find more articles proclaiming them “dead” than pumpkin products on store shelves in October. The QR codes bad reputation is not its fault, but that of early adopters who did not utilize the technology properly.


What Went Wrong?

QR Codes were launched with much fanfare, but very little thought as to what they would link to, and what consumers would do once they got there. QR Codes must lead to mobile friendly content! The whole point is to be scanned with a smartphone. What good does it do to link to a site that cannot be viewed on a mobile screen?

The simple fact is that QR codes are easily read and engaged using any smartphone. They act as a perfect bridge between offline traditional print marketing and new online trends. In order to be successful the content that a code links to must provide value to the end user. That value could be knowledge, a special offer or coupon, or the ability to make a common requested process easier to complete.

The 4 Ways.

Here are 4 ways you can use a QR Code in conjunction with a shared mailing this holiday season.

  • Having a holiday event or special sale? Send a Shared Mailing to your Target Market that includes a QR Code. Have the code lead them to a mobile friendly landing page with more information on the event and a form to register.
  • Is your website an e-commerce site? Include a QR Code on your holiday Shared Mail piece that is promoting a particular item. Have the code link to that item on your site for quick and easy purchase.
  • Do you customers love coupon? Consider including a QR Code on your Shared Mail piece that provides a special downloadable coupon only for those who scan the code.
  • Looking for more people to sign up for your blog or newsletter? Send a Shared Mail piece that includes a QR Code linked to the sign up page.

New trends are emerging that allow QR Codes to be colorful, dynamic and more useful than ever before. Do you have a question about QR Codes or a suggestion for how they can be used to successfully merge online and offline marketing? Contact Us! We are here to help.