Use Email to Grow Your Seasonal Business


“Oh the weather outside is frightful”. Well maybe it’s not exactly frightful, but it certainly does not look or feel like spring! Despite the lingering snow banks, flurries and chilly breezes that fill the air, it is spring in Maine and time for seasonal businesses all over the state to open their doors and welcome back their customers. If you are a seasonal business owner you know the challenge of getting the word out about your opening date while knee deep in other tasks. Looking for a lifeline? All is not lost, take a deep breath and remember that there is still time to reach your customers through email marketing!


Why Email Marketing?
• Email marketing is easy, effective, and relatively inexpensive.
• It allows you to reach people on a 1 to 1 basis where they go everyday – their inbox.
• Email marketing helps you to keep top of mind awareness with your customers.
• It is easily shareable and highly trackable.
• Email also provides the opportunity to link to and drive traffic to your website and/or social media channels.

OK, But Does It Work?
In a word, Yes!
• 91% of consumers check they email daily.
• 7 in 10 people say they made use of a coupon or discount from a marketing email in the prior week.
• 66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of an email marketing message.

Email marketing works great, but do you know when it works even better? When paired with direct marketing. Have a shared mailing scheduled for May or June? Talk with us about combining it with an email campaign to amplify the success! Other marketing plans you have in place can also be complimented with an email campaign to help you build buzz and excitement around the start of the spring and summer seasons.

Who Do You Love?
Have an active customer list? Reach out and connect with those who are on it. Interested in increasing the size of your list or building a new one? Be sure to ask for email addresses at your register or consider using TMM’s consumer email list to reach shoppers in your area or demographic and ask them to sign up for your list on your website or social media pages. Don’t miss out on the chance to reach new customers to start your busy season!

What Do I Say?
Use an email campaign to let everyone know you are open for the season, announce special sales and events, offer coupons or discounts, provide helpful information relating to your products and services and remind people of your seasonal hours.

Consider a follow-up email after the initial rush. Heading into fall is the perfect time to thank everyone on your list for being a valued customer and to encourage shopping during the waning months of your season. Reward customers with a special offer to use during a visit late in your season and encourage them to bring a friend!

Let’s Do This!
Interested in discussing how an email marketing campaign can work for your business? Call TMM! We can help grow your seasonal business with marketing ideas including shared mail, email, social media and more.

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