Small Business Resolution for 2018: Blog!

It is 2018 and the fact remains that blogging is still important for small businesses. The fact that you are reading this post proves the very reason why you should start (or improve on) a blog for your business in 2018.

Why A Blog?

How did you get here? Did you think to yourself “hey I should go to Target Marketing’s website and see what they wrote about today”. More than likely you were on a search engine with a question, looking to find more information on a certain topic, or maybe you saw something interesting while perusing social media. In any event, you ended up here on our website, reading our blog post. Increasing our website activity, spreading our knowledge and increasing your knowledge of who we are and what we do.

This same thing can happen for your business. By now you must have a website (if not, we will address that in another blog post. See how we are stringing you along?). Hopefully you are happy with the way it describes your company and its products/services. Now what? This information isn’t going to change too frequently, and we all know how much search engines love actively maintained websites and fresh content. So what’s a business person to do? BLOG!

You blog is a place where you can share articles, information, and knowledge on a regular basis. Don’t think of this as another way to describe your products and services and how great your business is. Think of your business blog as your outlet to a large audience who are actively searching for answers to problems that you can solve.

Posting regularly to your business blog provides strong marketing benefits for your website. If you’re looking for ways to improve your search rankings and attract new customers, blogging can make a big difference by providing traffic, links, and leads.

How Do I Start?

Blogging can seem overwhelming at first – or start to feel stale and difficult after you have been active for some time. Start by creating a schedule for how frequently you will publish your posts (there are many excellent articles to help you determine what the right number of posts per week or month will be for your business) and then set aside time to brainstorm ideas and select topics in advance. When it is time to publish, review your notes and expand on your ideas to finish the post. You need to find a writing schedule that works for you. Some find it best to write several posts at once and use their blogging software to schedule them in advance. Others like the habit of sitting down at a specific date/time and writing posts one at a time

Need some inspiration on what to blog about? Here are a few topic suggestions:

1. Share you expertise on “HOW-TO” do something
2. Objectively discuss the differences between you and your competitors
3. Talk about trends in your industry
4. Review products/services related to your industry
5. Provide free tools that help your customers identify and solve a problem
6. Create a “listicle” example “10 Ways to xxx”, “Top 5 Ideas for xxxx”
7. FAQ’s – list the most common questions about your company or you industry and answer them!

Take any of these suggestions literally, or use them as a jumping off point to keep your own ideas flowing. You may also want to check out other businesses in your industry and even your competition to see what types of topics they choose to blog about. What topics do they cover frequently? How is their blog set up? Is it successful? What is missing or could be expanded on?

An active and informative blog is a proven way to help your business grow. The content created as part of a blog will not only provide improved results for your website, but also provide you with fresh posts for your social media channels, possible whitepapers to email customers, and strengthen your status within your industry.


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