Shared Mail vs. Direct Mail




What is the difference between shared mail and direct mail? Is one more suited to my business than the other? The fact is that shared mail (also known as Marriage Mail) is actually a category or type of direct mail. To explain, let’s start with a basic definition of direct mail.



Direct Mail is the delivery of advertising or marketing material direct to recipients via the US Postal Service. Direct Mail is typically created and mailed in bulk which allows a business to save money on print, preparation, and through lower postage rates. One of the top benefits of direct mail is that unlike many other forms of advertising, you are communicating one-on-one with your target audience. The list of recipients for a direct mailing can be targeted to specific individuals based on demographics and/or geography.

Shared Mail is a type of direct mail where several advertising or marketing pieces are combined into one mail package. Each participating advertiser in the shared mail package pays only a fraction of the total 3rd class postage which takes the direct mail savings and kicks it up a notch. Many shared mail packages are delivered on a routine weekly or monthly schedule which offers the potential for increased visibility for all advertisers in the package as it is expected and anticipated by those who receive it. To increase savings even more, shared mailings are typically delivered to all addresses within a targeted geographic area.

So which should you use for your business? Both are extremely effective and affordable means of reaching out to new and existing customers. Consider the level of targeting and personalization you require for your mailing and weigh it against the potential in savings to help determine which is right for your business.




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