Shared Mail Products

Shared Mail Products

Our shared mail products fall into two basic categories: Inserts & Wraps.

An insert refers to any piece that is inserted inside the mail package. We offer several turnkey insert products to fit your advertising needs and budget. You can also opt to design and print your own piece and provide it to us for distribution (See our Shared Mail Specifications Guide for basic requirements).

The wrap is the outside flyer that holds our mail package together. Our standard 11” x 17” Folded Flyer noted below is perfectly designed for this highly visible position. The wrap position must be reserved in advance as there is only one wrap per zip code, per in-home date. All flyers mailing in the wrap position are required to include an address block. Any wrap that is not being printed by TMM must have the size and placement of this block approved before printing.

Design. Print. Mail.
Our standard turnkey products offer a cost effective and easy solution to your mailing needs. With a variety of sizes and paper stocks to choose from, you decide what best suits your needs and your budget. One low rate includes designing, printing, and mailing in our Shared Mail program. Other sizes and paper stock are available and will be quoted on a case by case basis.

Our card sized inserts offer a cost effective way to reach all of the consumers in your target area. The size and paper stock are perfect for coupons and for consumers to hold on to for future use.

4.375″ x 8.5″

  • Printed on 75# HiBulk for a matte finish
  • Full color on one side, b/w or full color on 2nd side

5” x 9”

  • Printed on 9pt coated card stock for a glossy finish
  • Full color on one side, b/w or full color on 2nd side

Single Sheets
Our single sheet products offer more room to feature your products & services and multiple coupons. The glossy finish adds a more professional look and feel to your message.

8.5” x 11”

  • Printed on 50# coated paper for a glossy finish
  • Full color on both sides

10” x 11.5”

  • Printed on 50# coated paper for a glossy finish
  • Full color on both sides

Multi-page flyers provide you with the most advertising space and visibility for your message. Available in several paper stock and finish combinations, our folded flyer also offers the flexibility of being used as an insert or in the wrap position.

11” x 17” Folded Flyer

  • Printed on 50#, 60# Offset paper for a matte finish or 50#-60# coated paper for a glossy finish
  • Folded with a ¼” lip to become a 4 page flyer
  • Available as an insert in our mail package or as the wrap (based on availability)

Political Mail
TMM offers a professional political direct mail program designed to get your message into the hands of your voters for only pennies per piece. Learn more about our Political Mail Program here.

Remnant Program
TMM’s Remnant Program allows large local, regional and national customers to benefit from low remnant pricing while reaching a broad audience. Our programs cover much of Northern New England. Learn more about our Remnant Program here.

Let TMM show you how cost effective and successful a Shared Mail campaign can be.

Visit myTarget for a quick estimate on one of our Design.Print.Mail. products.

Visit our Resources page for detailed product specifications, program deadlines, and other helpful information on our shared mail program.

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