Remnant Program

TMM offers remnant insert opportunities throughout Northern New England.

Participates in our remnant program are statewide, regional or national accounts with flexibility in their offer, mailing profile, and timing of distribution. Remnant inserts are scheduled after all retail clients for a given in-home date have been confirmed and the final production packages (or zip code groupings) have been set. Remnant inserts are scheduled only in mail packages that are weight under our target weight of 4.0 oz.

For our Maine market, we are able to provide 425,000 unduplicated, underweight households each month; for New Hampshire / Vermont we offer 175,000 unduplicated, underweight households; and for the Albany, NY and Burlington VT markets we offer 300,000 unduplicated, underweight households. Zip code selection is not available.

Let TMM show you how cost effective and successful mailing through our Remnant Program can be.
You can view our Remnant Program Media Kit here, or contact Shane Plummer for more information.
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