Question: Can You Mail This For Me? [Answer: Maybe.]

direct mail marketing

It is a question that comes up more often than you might think. A business has decided to do a mailing, has a seemingly perfect flyer or postcard designed and printed, and then reaches out to a mail house like ours to help them complete the final steps. Easy peasy, right? Slap on the appropriate postage, sort out the paperwork, and off to the post office we go. Not quite. Printing your mailer before discussing mailing options is like putting the cart before the horse. In most cases you will find that speaking to a mail house first will provide you with information you need to ensure you have the best design quality, affordable printing, and postage to work within your budget and provide you with the best results.
Why Contact a Mailing Specialist First?
There are three main components that contribute to the overall cost of doing a mailing:
1. Printing
2. Processing
3. Postage
Each of the three components has a bearing on the others. Of the three components, postage will have the biggest impact on the final cost, but how the piece is printed and processed will dictate your final postage rate. You need to begin with the end in mind and have a basic understanding of postal regulations before you start. That’s where the mailing specialists come in.
Contacting a mailing specialist early in the process will allow you to discuss postal pricing and regulations for various types of mail pieces before you begin the printing process. There is nothing more frustrating that finding out too late that your piece is too big to be considered a postcard, to lightweight to mail without an envelope, or does not contain enough blank space for addressing and other required postal information.
An added benefit to speaking with a mail house first, many mail houses have long standing relationships with local printers and list providers and will be able to offer you turnkey options on your project to save you both time and money.
Why TMM?
We are direct mail experts. As a full service mail house we can advise you on how to save money and boost your response rate. We will help you to select the mail piece that will best accomplish your marketing goals, determine your target audience, fine tune your call to action, provide professional graphics and design, timely and affordable printing, and finally a successful mailing campaign.
Do you have a question regarding a pre-printed mailing piece? Our customer service representatives are here to assist you through the printing and mailing process. If you are ready to talk about the best approach to your direct mail campaign contact us today!