Marketing Planner: July

It will be July before you know it and summer will be in full swing!  Consumers are in a relaxed summer state of mind and your business needs to match that vibe.  Start planning in early May for how best to feature your products, services and business for the heat of summer.

Hot Topics for July

  • 4th of July
  • Trips to the Beach
  • Camping
  • The Great Outdoors


What Can You Do?

Be Creative

Have some fun with marketing that focuses on what your customers are thinking about this time of year.  Be sure all of your messages match the season with warm and vibrant colors and themes tie in with the relaxed and fun vibe of summer.  Have some fun by celebrating such observances and National Grilling Month or National Ice Cream Month and don’t forget this particular fan favorite…..Shark Week!

Independence Day (July 4th)

The 4th of July is on a Wednesday this year which will mean a full week of celebrations.  Just about any business can get in the spirit and show off their patriotism.  Consider a special sale or promotion for the week.  Use your blog or social media accounts to share ideas for BBQ recipes, red white & blue desserts, family safety tips, or to share information on happenings in your town.

Summer Contests & Giveaways

Encourage your customers to share images from their summer activities through a photo contest.  Use the theme of summer, vacations, or 4th of July to tie into the season.  Offer prizes or random drawing giveaways such as cheap sunglasses, water bottles, beach balls, towels, sunscreen, etc (be sure to include your logo and important information on these items).

Float on through summer

July is the most relaxed of the summer months.  Everyone is in the swing of summer activities and ready for vacations, beach days, hiking and all other manner of enjoying the outside.  Art walks, summer festivals, and of course the tourists are in town.  Pay close attention to events in your area and look for opportunities to sponsor or tie in your promotions.  Plan your summer schedule to allow your business to be open and available during these events.  Check out our summer tourist blog for more summer tourist marketing ideas.


A bit of planning and marketing savvy now will bring big rewards in July.  Spend some time thinking about innovative new ways to market your business in July and beyond to ensure a successful 2018.

Are you ready to get started on a successful summer marketing campaign?  Contact us today!