Marketing Planner: January 2018

Your desk calendar may say November, but for small business’ now is the time to plan ahead for a successful January!  Research shows that 5% or more of holiday spending occurs after Christmas.  Catch some of that spending for your business by continuing your holiday marketing plans through New Year’s Day and beyond as a new crowd of shoppers heads out to handle returns, spend gift cards, and look for bargains.

Hot Topics for January

After a busy holiday season of giving, it is time for many consumers to start focusing on themselves.  Here are four topics that are high on consumers mind in January:

  • Keeping New Years Resolutions
  • Health & Fitness
  • Organization
  • Vacation Planning


What Can You Do?

Have a sale

Consumers anticipate decent markdowns after the holiday season ends.  Be unique with your offers or the items you choose to promote.

Encourage Gift Card Redemption

72% of shoppers who redeem a gift card spend more than the card value (often up to 20% more!).  All those gift cards purchased as holiday gifts are now ready to be redeemed – right when you need it most.

Think about the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is generally the first weekend in February.  Any marketing should be completed in January to take advantage of this event.


The New Year offers a time for review and the opportunity to improve your business.  Taking the time to start planning early will allow you to easily meet deadlines for ordering inventory and creating effective advertising.  Strong plans for the coming year will help keep you focused on what is important, and make your business more successful.

Contact your TMM Sales Representative and let us help you plan for a successful January!