Marketing Calendar: September

September signifies the end of summer, beginning of fall, back to school and more.  All these things may be true, but the weather is still warm and many consumers are holding on to that summer mindset as long as possible.  Start planning in early July for how best to feature your products, services and business for this in between season rich in activity!

Hot Topics for September

  • End of Summer
  • Back to School
  • Football Season
  • Start of Fall


What Can You Do?

Be Creative

Have some fun with marketing that focuses on what your customers are thinking about this time of year.  Be sure all of your messages match the season and be creative by celebrating unique observances such as Talk Like a Pirate Day (19th), Ice Cream Cone Day (22nd), National Lobster Day (25th), or National Coffee Day (29th)

End of Summer / Start of Fall

Regretfully for most, summer is coming to a close.  It is the perfect time to host an “end of summer sale” on any warm weather merchandise still in stock.  Help your customers and social media followers hold on to that summer spirit a bit longer by encouraging them to share pictures or stories from their summer vacations or favorite memories.

The end of season sales will help you to clear the shelves and move your mindset to fall.  Bring on the Pumpkins!  By the end of the month you should have inventory and store decorations that celebrate the fall season.  Even those businesses not in retail need to be mindful of the almost instant switch between bright sunny summer and warm relaxing fall.  Host a tailgate party in your parking lot, be creative by creating a fall shopping guide using products or topics related to your business – this could include home décor, outdoor projects, travel, winter preparedness, holidays, etc.   Ask your followers to submit fall craft project ideas, pumpkin recipes, or a favorite fall memory from childhood.

Back to School

All the hype leads to this.  Many successful businesses have been marketing for back to school throughout the summer.  Just because school is now in session does not mean that you can stop!  Read our recent blog post “Sharpen Your Pencils; it’s Time to Plan for Back to School!” for last minute marketing tips.

Home Crafts & DIY Projects

The warm days and chilly nights of fall seem to bring out the crafter and DIY spirit in consumers.  If your business can help someone solve a problem, learn a skill, or tap into their inner crafter, do it!  Share seasonal craft ideas and DIY how-to articles that are relevant to your inventory or your industry.  Retailers should create displays using the materials needed for these projects for easy purchasing.  Any business could host an event to have an expert show or teach customers how to complete a project.  Go hands on with project tables and an instructor ready to help customers complete a craft project and leave with their creations.

Holiday Season

It is never too early to start planning for a successful holiday season.  An easy and fun way to start is by creating holiday shopping & gift guides featuring your products or services or holiday “survival” guides for your customers.  Keep your business top of mind as fall merges into the busy holiday season by providing a teaser regarding upcoming holiday events or sales on your social media channels or through a customer email campaign.  The holiday season is right around the corner and it is time to get your small business ready for the busiest and often most profitable time of the year.


A bit of planning and marketing savvy now will bring big rewards in September and beyond.  Spend some time thinking about innovative new ways to market your business as summer fades and fall takes over.


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