List / Solo Saturation

In addition to our popular shared mail program, we also offer list and solo mail programs for businesses who want to deliver a more personal one-to-one offer to their recipients. With these programs, you are in complete control of not only the ad copy and size, but exactly where and to whom are you sending your mailing to.

Solo Saturation Mailings allow you to mail your piece, by itself, to every home in a selected area (zip code or carrier route). Solo Saturation Mailings offer reduced postage costs as compared to Targeted List Mailings, but are not as cost effective as sharing the cost of postage as part of the shared mail package.

Targeted List Mailings allow you to send your mail piece to a select group of recipients based on certain demographics.  Your mail piece is addressed specifically to individuals who meet the criteria selected. Available demographics may include age, gender, income, business type, home value, etc. List mailings have a higher price point as there is no saturation postal discount and the list of recipients must be purchased or rented.

Delivering the RIGHT message, to the RIGHT people, @ the RIGHT time.

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