List Mail

List Mail is simply a direct mail campaign sent to a highly targeted list of people. The list can be made up of your customers or a rented list based on selected demographics, geography, hobbies, and more.

TMM provides you one-stop shopping and turnkey pricing for list mailings that include list rental, graphic design, printing, and distribution of your mailing piece.


List Mail Works!

 Consumers look in their mailboxes every day for compelling messages to help them make smart buying decisions.

  • 92% of younger adults say they would prefer to receive offers through the mail
  • 44% of customers visit a brands website after receiving direct mail advertising.
  • 39% of customers say they try a business for the first time because of direct mail advertising

Measure your results, achieve your marketing goals, and exceed your expectations with a TMM List Mail campaign.

Delivering the RIGHT message, to the RIGHT people, @ the RIGHT time.

Let TMM show you how cost effective and successful a Direct Mail campaign can be!

Contact us to learn more about our Direct Mail solutions or visit MyTarget to get started today!

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