It’s Not About You. (No really, it’s not!)

Target your customers. people in the center of circle.

Target your customers. people in the center of circle.


Do you love football? Obsess over cat videos? Read the Wall Street Journal daily? Spend your free time sharing recipes? Maybe, maybe not. Do your customers? Now that is the question!

One of the most often heard reasons for a small business owner to avoid trying something new in marketing is the excuse “I don’t like (fill in the blank)” or “I would never respond to (fill in the blank)”. Unless you happen to be the exact demographic of your target audience (unlikely), that is wrong thinking.



Know Your Customers!

Customers are what make your business successful. A strong marketing strategy involves developing a relationship with your customers and getting to know them so that you can better serve their needs. Customers won’t return if you can’t meet their needs and you can’t meet their needs if you don’t know anything about them. Ultimately it is not about you and what you like. It is all about answering the question “What’s in it for me?” from the point of view of your customers.

Knowing your current customers will help you to identify your best prospects and this in turn will help you to select the best mix of media, creative design, and an effective call to action to reach them and encourage response.


• Start by thinking about your current customers and asking questions such as:
• Who are they?
• What are their most urgent and pressing concerns?
• What drives them to make purchasing decisions?
• How do they typically engage with my business?
• What do they purchase from me?
• When and where do they make purchases?
• What causes them to purchase from me and not my competitor?
• How does my idea, service, or product help my target audience?
• What problem does it solve?
• How does it make their lives easier or better?
• What would motivate them to pay for it?

Getting to know your customers and then focusing on their needs does not limit your potential audience it simply helps you choose where to spend your time and money for the greatest return on your marketing investment. Getting to know your customers provides you the opportunity to make more targeted marketing choices and ensures that you cast your net in the most profitable pond.


Contact Target Marketing Maine and let us help you reach your target audience.

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