Improve Your Facebook Page with Custom Tabs

CustomTabA quick review of Facebook shows that an astounding number of business pages are not taking advantage of custom tabs. What are Custom Facebook Tabs (also known as custom apps) you ask?

Custom tabs/apps are like mini web pages that are included within a business Facebook page. They are installed manually and are visible in the prime real estate underneath the cover photo. There are four standard tabs that come with every page—Photos, Events, Videos and Likes. You can have someone familiar with web design or a social media expert create custom apps to be added to the original 4, or try services such as Pagemodo, WooBox, and other “do it yourself” sites that allow your creativity to flow while doing much of the hard work for you.

The best feature of custom tabs is just that – they are custom! The sky is the limit for creativity with designing tabs and what information you choose to include. Use your tabs to showcase products and services, a special cause, introduce your team, encourage email sign-up, or run a contest. Use creative calls to action to encourage engagement from your fans and links to your website or other social channels for cross promotion.

Custom tabs help a business to look professional, modern, and memorable. They also offer excellent SEO benefits (a well written custom tab may show up ahead of a traditional web page on search engines) and provide more space for the detailed and helpful information your fans are looking for.

We have recently added the first custom tab to our Facebook page to help us promote our Sign Up & Save email program. Additional tabs are in process and will be added soon. Looking for more information on how to incorporate custom Facebook tabs into your social media strategy? Contact us! We’d love to help.