Direct Mail Works, Preparation is Key

When done professionally, direct mail is not an expense but an investment in your business and its future.

Direct Mail provides a perfect opportunity to get your advertising message into the hands of prospects and customers who want to hear about your latest products, services, special offers and of course coupons.  The basic elements of successful direct mail remain unchanged:  Target your audience, connect with them, and offer them what they want, make it easy for them to respond, measure your response and learn from the results to improve on the next mailing.  Sounds easy, right?  It is, with a little effort and preparation.  Follow these simple guidelines to prepare your business for direct mail success.

 Preparation determines success

  • PREPARE YOUR SALES STAFF with the details of your mailing, such as dates/times, offers, new products or package deals.
  • Make sure your sales staff has an advance copy of the mailer and alert them to the drop date.
  • IN-STORE SIGNAGE – use point-of-purchase signs, posters and window displays. This is the “Silent Salesman”.
  • OUTSIDE SIGNAGE – Sandwich boards or yard signs where permitted are great for catching passing traffic.
  • Prominently display and feature the products you are promoting.
  • Consider ongoing product demonstrations related to the features and benefits.
  • BE PREPARED FOR INBOUND CALLS and inquiries. A short greeting (or short script) announcing the “Big Event” and a telephone fact sheet about the sale are helpful
  • Have driving directions by the phone for clear instructions.
  • Log all calls and walk-ins (even if they don’t buy today), collect all coupons returned. ASK EVERYONE what brought them in. Keep track of all of the totals.
  • Know how many prospects bought and didn’t buy. This is critical to measuring your CLOSING RATIO and how successfully you and your sales staff have performed.
  • Calculate your RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI*).
  • Consider sending a THANK YOU card to all new customers and anyone who gave their information for future follow-up.

Once your event has ended or a reasonable amount of time has passed after the mail date, it is time to review the information that was collected and determine the success of your campaign.  It is important to note the return on investment is actually more important than actual response rate when determining the success of a mailing campaign.  Return on investment (ROI) is a percent that expresses how much money you gain as compared to the money you spend.

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*Wondering about the return you might expect from your planned mailing campaign?  Want to see what would happen to your ROI if you were to increase your market coverage or change the product/service you were promoting?  Did you track your results from a recent campaign and now want to confirm your ROI?  Click here to use our interactive ROI Calculator

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