Consumers Like Direct Mail!

openmailboxAt TMM we live and breathe Shared Mail. It’s at the core of our business and we tout the benefits every day. When I came across a recent blog post by Summer Gould titled “Consumers Like Direct Mail” it brought a smile to my face and I had to share.

Consumers Like Direct Mail
by Summer Gould – posted in Target Marketing Magazine on February 19, 2015

For the past several years, direct mail has been bashed for being too old school and past its time. The reality is far from that. Direct mail response is on the rise. Consumers enjoy getting direct mail that is applicable to them. When direct mail is targeted correctly, it will not be considered “junk mail.” Yes, even millennials like to get mail.

Here are a few reasons people like to get mail:
• Its delivered to their home through no effort on their part
• It can be fun (get creative and think outside of the box)
• A way to save money (people like a good deal)
• It’s informative (people are curious)
• It’s easily kept for future reference or use (use a magnet, they can then post on the fridge)

Direct mail statistics you should know (as reported in “From Letterbox to Inbox 2013”):
• 79 percent of consumers say that they act on direct mail immediately
• 56 percent of consumers stated that they found printed marketing to be the “most trustworthy” of all media channels

So what do people do after they get a direct mail piece? (“Consumer study reveals ‘direct mail matters’ in connected world,” July 11, 2013)
• 44 percent visit a brands’ website
• 34 percent search online for more information about the product
• 26 percent keep the mailing for future reference

Keeping all of the above in mind, how can you change the way you send direct mail? Are you focused on the consumer and what is in it for them? Do you have a clear call to action and the benefits they get by responding? When you think you do, get someone from outside your organization to critique it for you. You will be surprised with what you can learn.

Using the fact that almost half of the recipients will go online and check you out after getting your direct mail piece, do you have landing pages designed with them in mind? Are you using responsive design so that they can view your website and landing pages on mobile devices? These days, using responsive design is the best way to have your online content look correctly no matter what device is looking at it. Direct mail will drive people to online engagement; make sure you are ready for them.

The only way that direct mail will continue to work is if we as marketers send direct mail to consumers that is designed well, has a clear call to action and is targeted to the right people. This keeps recipients happy and increases your response rates.

At Target Marketing Maine, we know direct mail.  Contact us to learn how this extremely effective marketing tool can work for your business!