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Mark your calendars! Fall harvest fairs, winter festivals, and sporting events promise to bring fun, excitement, and tourists to your neighborhood. Having a large event come to town is a boon for any community. Here are some suggestions for how you as a small business owner can take advantage of these events to boost exposure and have some fun at the same time.




Be a helpful resource:
• Use your social media channels to share the schedule or details of the event including where to park and suggestions for meals.
• Write posts that talk about the event while it is going on and tag the event sponsor or other related businesses (be sure to use the official event hashtags!).
• Share pictures you take during the event.

Support and participate:
• Volunteer at the event – encourage your employees to as well. Wear t-shirts or other clothing that identifies your business.
• Consider a paid or in-kind sponsorship or other advertising opportunity.
• Offer to sell tickets for the event at your location.

Have some fun:
• Create a special or offer at your business that relates to the event.
• Refer to the event on in-store posters as well as any planned advertising during the time frame.
• Have your staff dress in accordance with the theme of the event.

The ideas are endless! What are some of your suggestions? Share them with us in the comments below.

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